Male sexuality is wrongly focused on the penis and ejaculation.

It is time to liberate male sexuality!! This is the first step towards something better – not towards a life of performance, but towards better sex. Towards sexual pleasures that are not tied down to potency, ejaculation or its speed, or for example to the size and shape of your penis. If the penis does […]

Gateway to Nirvana.

I can be your travel companion, but I cant make the trip on behalf of you. Tropical getaways are what many of our dreams are made of. Swaying palms, powder-fine sands, and clear blue waters—what’s not to like? Well, stop dreaming and listen up!  “Tropical” or Paradise doesn’t have to mean happiness, intimacy, and sex with […]

Stay in the present moment.

Orgasm removes stress hormones from our bodies – in the moment where stress is trying to take over in our lives. Our lives have been so busy, that it have been much easier to pick up a quick ecstasy substitute than to find the time to enjoy real, gourmet ecstasy. But our beings crave real […]

Love or domination

Of all the forms of love, altruistic love is the hardest. It is where you do not judge the one you love. However, the human mind has been conditioned for centuries by people who do not understood your real needs. Why would they even bother to try to understand you? Such people primarily cared about […]