Stay in the present moment.

Orgasm removes stress hormones from our bodies – in the moment where stress is trying to take over in our lives.

Our lives have been so busy, that it have been much easier to pick up a quick ecstasy substitute than to find the time to enjoy real, gourmet ecstasy.

But our beings crave real ecstasy just like our bodies crave real, nutritious food. We can only survive for so long on junk food, and on faux ecstasy, before the lack of the real thing results in illness, lethargy, and depression.

At this very moment, where most of us have now time, we have a better chance to explore this energy which rises from our root chakra. The sexual healing power, located in our own bodies. Waiting for to be found and heal. The physiological response to stress should inhibit the sexual response. Try to reach ecstatic pleasure by meditation and breathe.

Touching another person is one of the most effective ways to lower the amount of level of cortisol in our body, and thus reduce stress hormones. Indeed, cortisol is called the stress hormone, since spiritual, mental and physical exertion increases the production of cortisol in our body. If the level of the stress hormone continues to be high, this makes us tired and fatter, and it has a negative impact on our moods and our memory. When you touch someone in a way that feels good, this releases the “pleasure hormone”, oxytocin, in our body. Oxytocin has a number of positive effects that improve our health. Touching and massaging releases oxytocin; in this way, touch stimulates the nervous system in our body. When we touch someone’s skin, this activates the part of that person’s brain that radiates signals of pleasure elsewhere. The effect of touch and the increase in the cortisol level in the bloodstream lessen stress and any feelings of pain, lowers the blood pressure and strengthens the body’s ability to withstand infection. They speed up the healing of wounds and increase our interest in learning new things, improve our memory and our ability to learn things. In addition, they improve our digestion and, for children, improve their healthy development. In many ways, oxytocin improves our quality of life and our health.

Now we know how much touching and hugging mean to us. Even so, we still don’t sufficiently understand that we should touch and hug those who are close to us, and in the right way. Especially if you are a man, it is easier to pay for sexual services than it is to hug a stranger or even someone you know only slightly, to say nothing about being able to express your own feelings, or to cry. It has even been asked if it is OK for men to fall in love in the romantic sense.

Well, then, what kind of feeling of insecurity and longing does our sexual behaviour show? Could it simply be a search for external approval? Present-day society offers a distorted self-image, which impels us to seek approval in different ways. Could the constant pursuit of intercourse show a need for that external approval, a longing to feel that you are accepted just the way you are? Does someone desire me? Am I someone who is desirable?

According to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO), sexuality is not the same as sexual intercourse, or the ability to achieve orgasms. Sexuality is an essential part of the human personality, a way to feel and to touch someone else.